The course taught me how to manage a business, how to look from all angles and the
  importance of your backup plan.

Dave Palmer, Tuscan Tile & Contracting/Movie Set Contractor


Develop your plan
Roll out your business

Obtain your dream job

Live your path

Business and Career Development

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Your Path was conceived and managed by Kim Mullin.  Kim is a former Vice
President of Staubach Canada (now Jones Lang LaSalle) who comes from a high-
powered commercial real-estate background.  With more than 20 years experience
in the field servicing small and large corporations across Canada, she has realized millions of dollars in cost savings for her clients.

                              Kim opened her first business when she was 21 and is an        
                              innovator who thinks outside the box.  In the course of her
                              career, Kim has worked in human resources, training,
                              administration, finance and management.  She has developed 
                              presentations for major corporate accounts such as
and the Business Development Bank of Canada.
                              Past clients include the
International Civil Aviation Organization,
Toronto Dominion Bank and Unisource Canada.

Kim is fluently bilingual (English/French) and is an enthusiastic advocate for
community development (Cobourg Community Centre Committees, elementary
school literacy and mathematics, grant writer who was successfully awarded
$150,000 for an inner-city school in Montreal).

Kim was awakened to her passion for helping others succeed in business while  delivering a business plan writing course for a not-for-profit organization where she
was part of a team that launched more than 20 businesses in a community of less
than 100,000 people.  Kim is passionate about creating employment opportunities
and improving the quality of educational programs.  She brings a wealth of private sector experience and insight and has been able to organize and consolidate this learning into practical wisdom that is easily understood with usable business

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